KoRn is a band from California that formed in 1993.  Characterized by their heavy rhythmic sound made by guitarrists Brian Welch and James Schaffer with their Ibanez 7-string guitars, KoRn's music is heavy but relatively unusual, with rhythms quite on the metal side, mixed with lead singer Johnathan Davis's voice, who varies the tone of the songs with his sometimes calm, passive singing and sometimes loud, angry screaming  The lyrics are in their majority controversial, because they talk about life, reincarnation and the dark side of human nature, themes that came from the influence Davis had for having been an autopsy assistant.  Musically, Davis was influenced by 80's rock bands such as Duran Duran and Missing Persons.  Davis also plays the bagpipe--definitely a non-rock instrument that produces a devastating effect in their songs.  The succes KoRn has had hasn't softened them, and neither has it satisfied them.  KoRn still keeps their original sound, which hasn't degradated or commercialized.  Also, KoRn are Internet pioneers, being in 1996 the first band who transmitted an interactive radio show from the Internet.

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